Tippecanoe School Corporation

Language Arts

6th Grade Focus:

Major topics in sixth grade include determining theme of a story as well as synthesizing and connecting ideas by tracing, integrating, and comparing and contrasting. Students also will focus on stating a claim and using evidence to support that claim. Fiction and Nonfiction work read in 6th-grade will incorporate the theme of changes; change is constant, change can have a positive or a negative impact, and change can be caused by many factors.

7th Grade Focus:

Seventh graders focus on the theme, choices, and how it relates to the lives of the students and choices made during time periods in human history. Students practice the skills of writing, reading, researching, and speaking related to the anchor texts of literature and complementary non-fiction texts.

8th Grade Focus:

Major topics in eighth grade include comprehending, interpreting, evaluating and analyzing a variety of facets of literature. The process of writing using the six traits and supporting claims in writing and research after reading closely is a major focus as well. Within writing workshops, vocabulary, focusing on Greek and Latin word parts is emphasized, as well as conventions of writing and figurative language.